Welcome to ArtsCross Hong Kong 2022

歡迎加入 跨藝 香港 2022

Gathering virtually “in Hong Kong” between 23 May and 17 June 2022, the project offered an exciting research platform for artists to explore innovative choreographic processes and experiment with ground-breaking possibilities between dance and technology.

The team comprised five choreographers, 16 dancers and 14 scholars from Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Taipei who met virtually in a remote setting, with choreographers from each city teaming up with three or four dancers to present a work-in-progress.

5 月
23 日至
6 月
17 日期間舉行,為一眾參加者提供一個充滿趣味的研究平台,激發大家思考創新的編舞過程,一同構想出突破舞蹈與新科技之間的可能性。

For further details go to https://rescen.net/artscross/

請瀏覽網頁 https://rescen.net/artscross/ 以了解更多計劃過往