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Ghislaine Boddington
Symposium March 2013
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Ghislaine Boddington    

Ghislaine Boddington works internationally as an artist, dramaturge, curator, presenter and director. She is a performing arts specialist and an expert in body responsive interfaces and virtual/physical body networks, recognised as an international pioneer in full body telepresence. She has evolved an in depth knowledge of the way in which the human user perceives, moves and participates, communicates and behaves within intelligent space. She prioritises the user mode in the process and has particular expertise in remote body/space connectivity through real-time telematics. Her work with ResCen continues to investigate the virtual/physical body through tele-kinetics, tele-presence and the evolution of tele-intuition. Ghislaine is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Ghislaine is the director of body>data>space, an East London creative unit designing interactive connections between performance, architecture, virtual worlds and new media. It produces and develops R&D projects, exhibitions, conferences, training and websites in the UK, Europe and internationally. Emerging from the pioneer digital performance collective shinkansen/ Future Physical (1989-2004), body>data>space uses its own collaboration and networked creation processes to vision the future of the human body and its real-time relationship to evolving global, social and technological shifts.

Ghislaine has more than 30 years experience in the performing arts, mainly through working at Chisenhale Dance Space (1985-88) and as a director and founding member of the London based sound/movement research unit shinkansen (1989-2004). During this period, she curated dance technology seasons with the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Dance Umbrella London. She has also worked as a dramaturge alongside many renowned international choreographers in the 1990s as they began to use digital technologies and telematic connectivity.

She has co-directed numerous inter-authored and network based projects in Europe, US and Asia including: European Choreographic Forums (Butterfly Effect Network 1992-96); Sound Works Exchanges (1995-98); koerper-technik//body-technologies (Theater der Welt Berlin 1999) and Woven Bodies – Woven Cultures – East-West focus (International Summer Theatre Festival, Hamburg 1999).

Her latest projects include two European Cooperation Projects: MADE – Mobility for Digital Arts in Europe (2010-2012), exploring and supporting new forms of European digital coproduction and mobility, and Robots and Avatars – our colleagues and playmates of the future (2011-2013), focussing on how young people will work and play with new representational forms of themselves and others in virtual and physical life in the next 10-15 years.

As a dramaturge, Ghislaine has led numerous interdisciplinary creation projects, experimenting with the convergence of the live body with virtual environments, telepresence, motion capture and sense/gesture tech. Recent dramaturgical input for virtual/physical immersive installations include 'me and my shadow' with UK artist Joseph Hyde in the framework of MADE (Mobility for Digital Arts in Europe) and 'Visions of Our Communal Dreams' with UK/US Artist Michael Takeo Magruder for the Robots and Avatars project.

Ghislaine has chaired and keynoted events/conferences in over 30 countries worldwide, most recently in China, USA and Eastern Europe, talking to a diverse range of audiences about the future of virtual physical body interfaces. Her belief in fair intercultural practice is also reflected in her presentations. In 2000, she co-directed and moderated two major discussion ateliers on identity and interculturalism for well-known choreographers from South East Asia, South America, Africa and Europe (Munich Dance 2000, Copenhagen International Dancing World Festival). She has been regularly invited to contribute to the British Council Re-Inventing Britain series, most recently with Connecting Flights, Two Cities 4X4, a project between London, Delhi and New York and Digi-ID (Akademi 2002). She is regularly featured on TV, radio and in the press, giving thought shifting inputs to BBC Business World, BBC Click and the New Scientist amongst others. Ghislaine is a speaker at the 2013 Nesta FutureFest.

She conceived and co-directed a series of research residencies/workshops supported by ResCen. The symposium Virtual Physical Bodies in 1999, initiated a number of process-based explorations called CellBytes, small performance pieces exploring realtime dual stage connection using the internet (telematics). These group creation processes include CellBytes00 (Arizona State University 2000), CellBytes01 (ResCen Middlesex University 2001), Corpos Online (Lugar Comun Lisbon 2000).

Full details and a debate on the working methodologies of these projects and their media are all available in The Weave.

Ghislaine is currently an author for IntelligentHQ, sits on the TDPT editorial board and is juror for international creative industries and digital arts competitions. She is invited as a key innovator to governmental briefings/conferences in UK and beyond. Ghislaine is the co-director of the Creative Guild, a not-for-profit organisation for creative people in the UK.

ghislaine boddington
ghislaine boddington

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