Context to earlier posts

The short video extract and few still photographs below capture some of the session where Alex, who will represent the younger me, and I meet for the first time. After warming up on our own, the session was divided into two parts, movement and then autobiographical explorations. My autobiography takes longer than Alex’s – I have a few more years of memories to draw on.

We each share generously and we each listen attentively and by the end I feel that I know at least something about him, and about the experiences he feels have shaped him into who he is now. I don’t know if the opposite holds true and I ponder on this feature of our times – the rare occasions when those of different generations exchange and share their life experiences. Now in March 2021 the initial plans to restart this process are being formulated and a performance is scheduled for winter 2021 in the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells.