ArtsCross Hong Kong 2022

A cross-cultural virtual residency across four cities

Virtual Residency dates: 23 May 2022 (Mon) – 17 June 2022 (Fri)
Work-in-Progress Presentations: 17 June 2022 (Fri)
(Details to be announced)

ArtsCross London 2013 | Dam Van Huynh – Gloves | Photo: Andrew Lang

Gathering virtually ‘in Hong Kong’ between 23 May and 17 June 2022, the project offers an exciting research platform for artists to explore innovative choreographic processes and experiment with ground-breaking possibilities combining dance and technology.

With five choreographers, 16 dancers and 16 scholars from Beijing, Hong Kong, London & Taipei who will meet virtually in a remote setting, one choreographer from each city will team up with four dancers to present a work-in-progress.

Further information is available on the SWEAT Hong Kong International Dance Festival website.