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Ghislaine Boddington – The Weave

Welcome to The Weave, a website that brings together a selection of writings, documentation and archival materials which all centre around Ghislaine Boddington’s work involving digital technology and collective creative process. Specific strands of her investigations, centred on the use of telematics as a tool for connecting both people and places, have been drawn into a new reflective framework and then woven together to form this site.

Over the past two decades Ghislaine has evolved both her role as Process Director, as well as specific working methods and structures, to enable the sharing of creative process. The Weave proposes ways in which those from diverse backgrounds can use the connectivity of telematics to collaborate as equals in the making of artwork. The result is a methodology of interauthorship which challenges many notions of the artist as sole author, as well as assumptions about supporting structures for the arts.

Ghislaine worked with Coralie Hyde on the construction of the site, along with the ResCen web designer Andrew Lang, but in the spirit of collective processes, a number of people have been credited for their contribution to the work.

We hope you find the experience of this site stimulating and that it extends the debate about the role of the individual and the group in the creative process.

Christopher Bannerman
May 2006

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