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DANSCROSS 2009    
Chinese Academics’ Biographies:

Zhang Ping (Assistant Director of Editing of Dance Magazine)

Zhang Ping graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a degree in Dance History and Theory and is Currently researching in dance anthropology and contemporary dance culture for her doctoral degree.

She has worked as a writer and editor for China Dancers Association’s Dance News, and Dance Magazine and currently serves as the magazine’s Assistant Editor. One of his most representative books is Appreciation of Works in Contemporary Dance (co-authored, 1999). Between 1996 and 2009, Zhang Ping has published several art criticism articles, and has been writer for large-scale performances such as “Lotus Cup Academy Dance Competition”, “Little Lotus Grace” Thirtieth Anniversary Gala Show. She has also organised for Colorful Guizhou Up-and-Coming Television Dancers Competition, Thirty Years of Reform and Opening Up Gala and other large-scale national performance events.

Her work Dangerous Deficiency received the China Cultural Association Second Place Prize for Theoretical Commentaries.

Mu Yu (Associate prof. of BDA)

Mu Yu, Associate Professor of Beijing Dance Academy, holds a BA in Dance from the Beijing Dance Academy, a MA in Dance and Musical and a PhD in Dance on Political Culture Interdisciplinary Research from the Chinese Academy of Arts. She also completed the Senior Management Arts Education Training Programme at the London Contemporary Dance School.

She has published several books on musical theatre, dance analysis and education. Some of these titles are: The Greatest Broadway Musical Hits of the 20th Century, The History of Western Musical Theatre, Foreign Popular Dance Appreciation and Analysis, Modern Education Technology and Performing Arts Education, Musical Theatre Education in China.

She has received numerous awards for her research and academic achievements.

Liu Chun (Vice-researcher of CNAAR)

Liu Chun holds a BA Degree on Dance History & Theory Department from the Beijing Dance Academy, a MA on Dance Research from China National Arts Academy. Studying Direction in Modern Dance History and Theory. He was also awarded a scholarship of Beijing Goethe institute to spend three months in Germany as a visiting scholar on dance cultural communication , and studying German.

Liu Chun is vice-researcher of the Dance Research Institute of China National Arts Academy, choreographer, video artist, and theatre director. He choreographed the “silk road” of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. He is Artistic Director of “Fenmor” Beijing Opera Mix, acrobatic performance by Ji’nan acrobatic group and of “Nine”, performance by Wuhan acrobatic group. He has been invited by different groups in China and internationally as a choreographer for their theatre and multimedia dance performances. He has published his works in various journals and books.
He has won a Silver Medal in the National Acrobatic Competition, and his Dance for TV work has won nominations and awards in the CCTV Dance Competitions.

Pan Li (Associate Prof. of BDA)

Pan Li, is Assistant Professor of BDA, and Chair of Research and Curriculum Development.

She graduated from the Central Academy of Nationalities Attached Professional Dance Middle School, where she stayed on as teaching staff. She holds a BA in Dance Studies from the Beijing Dance Academy and a Masters Degree from the Tokyo Arts Academy in Japan. She was awarded a PhD in Dance Studies in 2007 from the China Arts Research Academy, Dance Research Department.

Her work focuses on instruction and research in Chinese folk and ethnic dance. She has published articles in Chinese and Japanese, such as The Relationship Between Martha Graham Technique and Indian Yoga Practice (published in Japanese), Citizenship Identity, Political Identity and the Yan’an New Yang’ge Movement, Discussion on Spiritual Utility in Primitive-type Folk and Ethnic Dance, Current Reflections on the Survival and Protection of Huagudeng (Doctoral Dissertation).

Her articles have won prizes in the Sixth “Peach and Plum Cup” (for Academic essay), in the Fifth China Cultural Union Cultural Criticism Prize (for theoretical paper) and in the Beijing Dance Academy Cup.

Luo Bin (director of Research Institute of Dance Study, CNAAR)

Luo Bin, PhD on dance studies from the China National Academy of Art Research, is director of the Research Institute of Dance Studies of the China National Academy of Art Research, and head of postgraduate dance studies of the China Art Research Institute. He started learning Chinese classical dance in Beijing Institute of Dancing when he was a teenager, graduated with a BA from the Department of Chinese Study in Beijing University. He then entered the department of dance studies in the China National Academy of Art Research from where he holds a MA on Literature.

He has published a vast number of thesis, papers and books, about the change and rules of Chinese Classical Dance, and about the issues of dance and culture, anthropology and Chinese folk dancing. As the tutor for postgraduate students of China National Academy of Art Research, he has set up the courses Basics in Dancing, Starting Stage of Dancing Culture Anthropology and Research on China Folk Dance Culture.

He has been awarded several academic prizes for this publications.

Tong Yan (Lecturer of BDA)

Tong Yan entered the Dance Theory and History Department of Beijing Dance Academy and became one of the first MA students of BDA. She studied with the well-known dance educator Mr. Lv Yisheng.

During her studies, she translated audio-visual materials, such as Air on the G String or Fonteyn and Nureyev, The Perfect Partnership. Ms Tong then became a teacher of the Dance Theory and History Department.

In 2004, Ms Tong participated in the preparation of Beijing Dance Academy textbooks and she compiled the internal teaching material Dance Art Theory of Value, in 2005, and Chinese Classical Dance History in 2006. She has published several papers in the Beijing Dance Institute Journal.

In 2006, the paper Discussion of the Special Aesthetics and Cultural Aesthetics of Contemporary Dance obtained the third prize of the eighth “Peach and Plum Cup”.

Jin Hao (Associate Prof. of BDA)

Jin Hao is associate professor of the Beijing Dance Academy, and member of the Institute of Chinese Ethnic Dance.

Jin Hao studied in the Beijing Dance Academy Department of Chinese Dance Drama for the four-year undergraduate program; after graduation he stayed on as dance instructor and Director of the Chinese Classical Dance Theory Research Group. In 2000, he joined the Beijing Dance Academy graduate program as Professor Tang Mancheng’s student, serving as his teaching assistant for a number of undergraduate courses. Earned his Masters Degree in Dance Studies from the Beijing Dance Academy, in 2003.

He has published numerous books and articles, including co-authored teaching materials, and is associate editor in several dance journals in China.

He has been awarded multiple academic prizes, including second place in the first “Lotus Award” Dance Theory and Criticism competition, the “Outstanding Educator” award and “Award for academic excellence” in the seventh “Peach and Plum Cup” dance competition, and first place in the 2008 Beijing Dance Academy Awards for academic papers. He wrote the official text for the Beijing Dance Academy 50th anniversary celebration performance gala and has visited the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Korea, Hong Kong and Macau for cultural exchanges.

Liu Xiaozhen (Vice-researcher of CNAAR)

Liu Xiaozhen studied cultural management in the Shandong Art Academy Art Department and is Assistant Researcher at the China Arts Research Institute, he holds a Masters degree in Dance Studies from the China Arts Research Academy Graduate Program, and works on dance anthropology and contemporary dance culture.

Publications include Illustrated Handbook to Chinese Dance History (co-authored, winner of the National Illustrated Book Prize), Yange Dance (co-authored), and China World Dance Culture (edited). He has published multiple articles in the People’s Daily, Arts and Literature News, China Culture News, New Capital News, Beijing Youth News, Dance Magazine, Read Magazine, etc. He has also participated in the revisions of the Music and Dance section of the Complete Chinese Encyclopedia, and is individually responsible for the contemporary Chinese folk dance portion of the China National Arts and Science Foundation “10-5” research project.

Illustrated Handbook to Chinese Dance History, winner of the National Illustrated Book Prize

Qing Qing is a dance critic and an events coordinator, as well as an associate research fellow at the Dance Research Institute of the National Arts Academy of China. She received an M.A at the Graduate School the National Arts Academy of China in 1997.

As a critic and dance researcher, she has written for Chinese dance magazines and newspapers, and currently leads a column called “World Dance Reports” for Dance Magazine. Qing Qing has published a book called “Introduction to Dance”. In 2008, she was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at China-A-Move conference at Tanzmesse in Dusseldorf. In 2006 she was invited to be the moderator for one of the panels “Notions of contemporary body” at IETM in Beijing. She was also invited to be one of the keynote speakers at 2006 China-Asean Dance Forum. In the same year she assisted an international project called “Headroom” done by two Austrian Artists in the Third Dashanzi International Arts Festival and other small events at 798 arts area. As an events coordinator, Qing Qing has been a main assistant for a major independent contemporary dance festival in Beijing “Crossing Contemporary Dance Festival: 2005/2006.

Xu Rui
Associate Professor and Vice-chair
Department of Dance Studies
Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing, China

Xu Rui is currently Associate professor and Vice-chair of the department of Dance Studies of Beijing Dance Academy.

He holds a BA Degree from the Dance History & Theory Department of the Beijing Dance Academy; a MA Degree from the Beijing Dance Academy; and a PhD Degree from the Dance Researching Institute of the Chinese Academy of Arts. His principal interest is the research on Dance Aesthetics.

He has worked for the Foreign Affairs Office of BDA as co-ordinator for cultural exchange and interpreter for foreign dance experts; and as a consultant for the Culture & Entertainment Co. of CPAA (China Performing Arts Agency). He received a full scholarship from the Asian Cultural Council in New York and was a visiting scholar for the University of Utah and New York City. He has also helped organise dance competitions, and has published essays and co-authored books.

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