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Connected Collaborations: Symposium
Ghislaine Boddington
Date: Wednesday 20 March 2013, 6.00 pm (registration 5.30 pm)
Venue: NESTA, 1 Plough Place, London EC4A 1DE
    So what happens when your avatar makes its own avatar? When your robot has a relationship with your avatar? When your connections to your colleagues and friends take place in virtual, physical blended worlds?

Today communication connectivity for work and social use is enhanced through speedy data flow enabling live video/data transmission between people at a distance. The use of online multi-video streams and collaborative distribution platforms for educational, creative, professional development and medicinal purposes is extending by the day. At the core of Ghislaine Boddington's art, research and curatorship is telepresence – using full bodied, online, gestural interfaces, extending our physical world, utilizing the virtual to enable a diverse range of opportunities. This symposium explored the development of telepresence and collaborative virtual share spaces through Boddington's twenty-five year long career with reference to landmark projects and in response to critical inquiries such as:

  • collaboration challenges in the education sector in preparing young people with relevant creative skills and attitudes for their future work environments
  • new representational forms in virtual and physical life – robots, avatars and virtual share spaces – as part of everyday life
  • the emerging psychology underlying representation and co-creation technologies for today's younger generations
  • how this reflects on us and our identity

Ghislaine Boddington is Creative Director of body>data>space and a Research Associate Artist at ResCen. She works internationally as an artist, dramaturg, director, curator and presenter. She is a performing arts specialist and an expert in body responsive interfaces and virtual/physical body networks. She has evolved an in-depth knowledge of the way in which the human user perceives, moves and participates, communicates and behaves within intelligent space. She prioritises the user mode in the process and has developed a particular expertise since the mid-nineties in remote body/space connectivity through real-time telepresence. Her focus is on the ever increasing blend between the virtual and the physical and its implications for presence and liveness. www.bodydataspace.net

The event was chaired by Dr. Ola Johansson, Reader in Contemporary Performance Practice at ResCen Research Centre. As part of the seminar Ghislaine was in conversation with Jon Kingsbury (NESTA Programme Director - Creative Economy) and virtually with Kate Russell (technology journalist).

With thanks to NESTA


G Boddington
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