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            arrow Christopher Bannerman – Head of ResCen
                        On Curation
                        Robert Cohan Teaching: body of knowledge

            arrow Ola Johansson – Reader in Contemporary Performance Practice
                        Beyond Vice

            arrow Ghislaine Boddington – Research Associate Artist
                        The Weave
                        Credits & Thanks

            arrow Shobana Jeyasingh – Research Associate Artist
                        Home meets Home
                        Creating Character
                        Foliage Chorus DVD

            arrow Richard Layzell – Research Associate Artist
                        The Magpie (blog)
                        Route Planner II
                        Cream Pages

            arrow Rosemary Lee – Research Associate Artist
                        Caught by seeing
                        the Suchness of Heni and Eddie
                        Process writings
                        A tribute to Michael Donaghy

            arrow Graeme Miller – Research Associate Artist
                        Country Dance

            arrow Errollyn Wallen – Research Associate Artist
                        Olympics Symposium
                        About Errollyn CD
                        All the Blues I See

arrow Events

            Knowledge generation
                        ResCen: 15 Years of Art Making and Reflecting, June 2014
                        Connected Collaborations Symposium, Ghislaine Boddington, Mar 2013
                        Composing and Performing in the Age of Globalisation Symposium, Errollyn Wallen, Nov 2012
                        Artists Open Doors, Sept 2008
                        Emerging Voices, April 2008
                        Artist Exchange, Feb 2007
                        Navigating Process, October 2006
                        Mapping Processes, May 2006
                        Outside Looking In, One Day Seminar, June 2005
                        Making Space, Seminar with Doreen Massey, Jan 2005
                        Mis-seeing: vision, experience and prejudice in the creative process, Nov 2004
                        Motivation: the artist and the psychoanalyst, with Dr Hanna Segal, Sept 2004
                        the Motivation of the Artist, Seminar, May 2004
                        the Artist: working?…playing?, Seminar, April 2004
                        the Artist as Catalyst, Seminar, February 2004
                        Transformation and the Artist, Seminar, November 2003
                        Intuition and the Artist, Seminar, May 2003
                        Research/Practice/Practice/Research, Symposium, April 2003
                        NightWalking Conference, September 2002
                        Book launch: Navigating the Unknown, November 2006
                        Postgrad Seminars, December 2001
                        Virtual Physical Bodies, Symposium, September 1999

            Knowledge transfer
                        Performance as Knowledge, One Day Seminar, May 2006

arrow Publications
            Navigating the Unknown: The creative process in contemporary performing arts
            Shobana Jeyasingh: Foliage Chorus DVD
            Errollyn Wallen: Reflections CD
            Rosemary Lee: On Taking Care DVD
            Rosemary Lee: Beached: A Commonplace Book
            Rosemary Lee: the Suchness of Heni and Eddie
            Richard Layzell: Cream Pages

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            Elixir project 2017
            Elixir project 2014
            ArtsCross 2013
            ArtsCross 2012
            Big Dance Beijing 2012
            ArtsCross 2011
            DANSCROSS 2009

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