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arrow Elixir Project at Sadler's Wells 2017

A blog to document the creative processes leading into two dance works: Forest Revisited by choreographer Robert Cohan and director Martin Welton, and The Road Awaits Us by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar. The performance of Forest Revisited was created by ten dancers, five former members of London Contemporary Dance Theatre who first performed the work and five alumni from the National Youth Dance Company. Follow the process as it unfolded…
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arrow Elixir Project at Sadler's Wells 2014

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion take a rare break from their renowned duets to invite a group of extraordinary dancers out of retirement and back onto the stage. The project culminated in performances at Sadler's Wells on 12 and 13 September 2014.
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arrow ArtsCross London 2013: Leaving home: being elsewhere

ArtsCross is a performance research project bringing together artists and academics from Beijing Dance Academy, Taipei University of the Arts and from UK universities and conservatoires. Choreographers and performers from Beijing, Taipei and the UK produced dance works addressing the theme of Leaving home: being elsewhere, drawing on their different perspectives and individual styles. These new works were shown in a performance at The Place on 10 August, and contributed to the discussions of a conference on intercultural performance at Queen Mary, University of London, on 11 August.
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arrow ArtsCross Beijing 2012: Light and Water

In 2012 ArtsCross returned to Beijing once again, with “Light and Water” as the theme. The two distinct mediums in the theme this time offered an opportunity to create a completely different ‘cultural feeling’ with new meanings and images. Choreographers from Beijing, Taipei and Europe each produced a dance work responding to the theme from their different perspectives and individual styles, resulting in a series of brand new stage performances. Our focus in the research project however, was on the working environment and practices of the artists. We examined the particular to see the panoramic, and the resulting performances, conference debates and writings contribute to the ways we understand each other across national and other borders, and to the creation of a unique comparative study.
The ArtsCross 2012 Blog is now presented chronologically as an archived blog narrative.
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arrow Big Dance Beijing 2012

In celebration of Olympics past-present-future, Big Dance Beijing was developed alongside sister projects 'Big Dance London' and 'Big Dance Rio de Janeiro', leading to a 30-minute film screened in London's Trafalgar Square on July 14 2012. The film features local Beijing residents from all walks of life dancing at public venues across the city and was presented on a large screen prior to "Big Dance London" at Trafalgar Square, involving more than 3000 participants. | arrow go to the blog |

arrow ArtsCross Taipei 2011: Uncertain… waiting…

Are the arts of East and West as separate as they might sometimes seem? In a shifting world, what can different practices of artmaking and criticism say to one another across the linguistic, cultural, geopolitical, and geographical distances which might lie between them?
Performance is always a collaborative process – between artists for example, or between artists and their audiences. How might this collaboration be extended across cultures, and across the differing sorts of participants involved?
ArtsCross 2011 brought together an international group of artists, academics, policy makers and audiences to address these very questions (and more) by making and observing work together, writing on blogs, in academic journals and in the media, and by meeting and engaging one another in dialogue in studios, on stages and online. | arrow go to the blog |

arrow DANSCROSS 2009: Dancing in a shaking world

DANSCROSS 2009 is part of a long-term collaborative initiative involving the Beijing Dance Academy and ResCen Research Centre at Middlesex University. In 2009/10, it brought together some of the world's most talented and versatile dancers and eight choreographers responding to the creative challenge of the 'box' – a set of constraints designed to test Stravinsky's proposition that the more restricting the rules you have, the more freedom you achieve; a concept replicated by the Chinese character for 'crisis' which contains a representation for 'crisis' coupled with a representation for 'opportunity'. | arrow go to the blog |

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