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by Graeme Miller, with Sarah Wishart and Carl Lavery

3 February 2015, 6:30-8:30pm, Ravensfield Theatre, Middlesex University, London NW4 4BT

Dancer: Teerachai Thobumrung Photo: Chris Nash

A ResCen Research Centre/Middlesex University seminar

Graeme Miller's Linked opened in 2003 as a sound work and off-site exhibition of the contemporary collection of the Museum of London. Stretching across from Hackney Marshes to Redbridge, the M11 Link Road was completed in 1999 after the demolition of 400 homes, including Miller's own, amid intense protests. Concealed along the three-mile route, 20 transmitters continually broadcast hidden voices, recorded testimonies and rekindled memories of those who once lived and worked where the motorway now runs, evoking a cross-section of East London life. Day and night, voices and music broadcast along the length of the route.

In the seminar Miller returns to Linked, “a 'semi-permanent' artwork in discussion with its own semi-permanence”, only to find “hints of the work's eventual demise. It has begun a trajectory of increasing privacy that will end with the last word of the final broadcast of the last transmitter. It will be a funnelled process I myself will leave.”

Questions of conservation arise though. Miller has fixed a few things and will test a contraption whilst deliberating possible ways to “choreograph” the work's demise in dialogue with Sarah Wishart (Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts) and a brief exchange with Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow).

Details of Linked project can be found at www.linkedm11.net/

Graeme Miller's ResCen profile: www.rescen.net/Graeme_Miller/g_miller.html

Attendance is free but please book at: rescen@mdx.ac.uk


Moderator of the seminar is Ola Johansson, Associate Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice at ResCen, Middlesex University.

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