There’s a lot of laughter in these rehearsals. Laughter at mistakes, at moments of recognition, or failed memory. There is laughter at dancing that is funny, because its cliched, wrong, or just soooo right for that particular moment. And there is laughter at notes, at gossip, at anecdotes and indiscretions. There are even jokes. Laughter enters the room with the dancers, wraps around them as they work, and drifts off as they leave.

The laughter is working. The company are at ease in it and with it, and with leaving it alone. To be, laughing, together, is important to the work itself, even if won’t be what you see them doing on stage. Of course, rehearsing is about devising, designing, remembering and repeating movements, sequences, texts, entrances and exits, but it’s also about working on those more numinous things that keep company with them, that keep this group of people from being just who they individually are. These are the things that make and keep them a company.

Laughter works, or at least makes space for it, in the company it keeps with work itself.



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