presentation at IFTR Barcelona

Ola made a presentation at IFTR, International Federation for Theatre Research, in Barcelona on Thusday July 25. There was not enough time to introduce about ArtsCross but some people asked me about it. Hopefully many people may join ArtsCross.


evolution or…..?

Ted’s Seminar yesterday clarified the structure and aims of ArtsCross and reminded me of something. I would like to present an answer for his last question, “are there any risk to do these experimental art/discipline/habitus crossing for institution or individual?”. I will use an ironic metaphor “Galapagosnization” to link recent Japanese industry (and especially electronic devices) to the “closed evolution” of the Galapagos islands. Japanese electronics companies have been very keen to achieve “evolution” of their […]


Project introduction on Japanese web

I posted an introduction about this project to Japanese “The Dance Times” which I and some dance critics are running on the web.

Although very few people in this project read Japanese, I would like to introduce it to Japanese dance people. I hope many people might be interested in this project.

Here’s a translation […]