The ArtsCross London 2013 Blog which follows is now presented chronologically as an archived blog narrative.

ArtsCross London 2013 Key Dates

Friday 19 July Choreographers’ workshops and discussion Postings of Interviews Sunday 21 July Rehearsals begin Postings of rehearsal video and artists comments Monday 29 July Academics begin observations Postings of academics’ observations – thoughts in progress Saturday 10 August Performance Leaving home: being elsewhere The Place, Robin Howard Theatre Sunday 11 August Conference: The […]

Choreographers’ workshop and discussion

Dancer Selection, 20 July 2013

Day one: 21 July

Photos from the first day of rehearsals:


Day two: 22 July

Photos from the second day of rehearsals:

Rehearsal clip: Day 2, Tung Ifen

Day three: 23 July

Photos from the third day of rehearsals:

Day four: 24 July

Photos from the fourth day of rehearsals:


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Rehearsal clip: Day 3, Dam Van Huynh

Rehearsal clip: Day 4, Zeng Huanxin

ArtsCross London 2013 Reception

Day five: 26 July

Photos from the fifth day of rehearsals:


Rehearsal clip: Day 5, Zhao Liang

Rehearsal clip: Day 5, Su Weichia

Day six: 27 July

Photos from the sixth day of rehearsals:

Rehearsal clip: Day 6, Riccardo Buscarini

Day seven: 28 July

Photos from the seventh day of rehearsals:

Rehearsal clips

Day nine: 30 July

Photos from the ninth day of rehearsals:


Day ten: 31 July

Photos from the tenth day of rehearsals:

Rehearsal clip

Day 11: 2 August

Photos from the eleventh day of rehearsals:

Yunyu in London

Day 15: 6 August

Rehearsal clips

Rehearsal clips

Day 16: 8 August

7 August run through

Performance day

ArtsCross after party

Leaving London: going elsewhere…

photo by Dominique Rivoal

Dress rehearsal 2nd half

Dress rehearsal 1st half