Almost there, not quite…

I’m here in Taiwan and WOW it’s hot! The hospitality has been spotless, the organizers and other participants seem very nice, I love the guest apartment and the food is delicious (I could’ve continued eating all night, I think the rotating table  makes the food even more appealing somehow). Tomorrow we audition 94 dancers, pick the six we want, and start working the day after. So, almost there, not quite.

What’s on my mind at this stage? Paper planes, sugar, underwear, faceless figures, climbing, crossing, falling, a radio tuning in and out…

But early days, I’m still uncertain, and waiting ;-)

- Khamlane

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  • Donald Hutera

    I am curious what links might be made by you between that short but suggestive list of potential elements, and what might resonate for the dancers. But I am being premature in my musings as the creation all starts tomorrow!

    break a leg, dh

  • Well, today I went in earlier to work on some of my ideas from the list. I wanted to establish something a bit more solid to approach the dancers with. I didn’t talk so much about where my ideas came from but wanted to get across to them certain physical and emotive qualities. This first rehearsal was to test the waters with them in order to find this ‘resonants’ that you mention, but also to see how I myself felt towards certain things in reality and in the studio, as opposed to just in my head. I think it was a fruitful first rehearsal, we danced, we sang, we sussed each other out, now it’s time to really sink our teeth into things.

  • Donald Hutera

    I am making up for ‘overlooking’ you in my big fat first-day-in-the-studio blog, Kham, so indulge me if you can!

    I kinda figured that what someone has in their head goes out the window when confronted with real as opposed to imaginary people and situations.

    I’m such a stickler, though, that I wonder what those physical and emotive qualities were. Can you put words to them? (Remember, pls, this is a wordsmith asking this so please be patient with my demands!)

    Also, on a possibly more frivolous note, what did you sing? I was so bleary-brained by the time I mad it to your Tuesday session that I forgot what you’d said to me when I asked…

  • Khamlane

    The physical qualities I’ve been focussing on so far are quite tight and compact action, quite small, sometimes gestural and even ordinary and pedestrian, and then more full and elongated, off balance and unpredictable, as though one is swept by conflicting decisions of direction.

    I’ve been doing some emotive directing through the dancers creating movement through the translation of their own personal experience (of a memory of an instance where they have had to push through a difficult situation, a time when they needed to be hopeful) into movement, and I mean literally movement and not ‘dance steps’.

    I haven’t begun researching any of this in particular order, I’m attempting to be as instinctive as possible and am always trying to find a balance between controlling what I want to do just enough to allow also freedom for spontaneous moments to arise.

    Regarding the song, it was Bill Wither’s ‘lovely day’. There’s something nostalgic about this song to me, it’s a very feel good song, but it comes with a tinge of melancholy. I think the words ‘hopeful’ and ‘melancholic’ at this moment may sum up this new work (?). I got them to sing to help break the ice, wether they sing in the piece, I’m still not sure; it’s probably unnecessary.

    See you in the studio!

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