Chinese Choreographers

Zhang Yunfeng, Associate Choreographer and Lecturer in the Beijing Dance Academy.

Zhang Yunfeng started his career performing with the Province Long’an City Mountain Song and Dance Troupe. He extended his experience with studies in choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy and, due to his significant achievement, was then offered a position in the Choreography Department of BDA as a lecturer.

Both during study and after graduation created a large number of dance works, many of which have earned national “Peach and Plum Cup” Dance Competition awards, national “Lotus Flower Cup” Dance Competition outstanding choreography awards, and Beijing Dance Competition choreographer awards.

His work has won multiple awards and is noted for an emphasis on the creation of characters and the mixing of different choreographic traditions and art forms.

Zhao Ming Artistic Director of the Military Station “Comrades-in-Arms” Song and Dance Troupe.

Nationally ranked Class One Choreographer, Zhao Ming began his training in dance in the Beijing Military Committee Engineer Corps Arts Troupe and studied Chinese dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. He later performed in the Beijing Military Station “Comrades-in-Arms” Song and Dance Troupe; and attended the American Dance Festival to study modern dance, with the support of the U.S. Asia Foundation.

After returning to China, he was appointed Director of the Military Station “Comrades-in-Arms” Song and Dance Troupe. He then joined the Hong Kong Ballet Company as a soloist, and three years later he returned to “Comrades-in-Arms” to serve as Choreographer and Artistic Director of Dance.

Zhao Ming has won multiple performance and choreography awards in the major dance competitions in China, including the award for Best Choreographer in the recent 4th Lotus Cup Competition.

Wang Mei, Freelance Dance Choreographer and Teacher.

Wang Mei began her dance career in ballet and later studied Chinese folk and ethnic dance. She graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a degree in Chinese folk and ethnic dance education. She later studied modern dance and earned a degree in modern dance in the USA.

Wang Mei has frequently crossed both disciplinary and national boundaries working as a teacher and choreographer, and achieved great influence with her works. She has abundant teaching experience and is currently one of the most acclaimed dance choreographers and instructors in China.

She is been director and choreographer of large-scale public square arts performances and opening ceremonies for official sports events, for which she received several Beijing and Tianjin Special Excellence Awards.

She has won multiple awards, such as most outstanding work at the Bulgaria International Ballet Competition, Outstanding Choreographic Work Award at the Finland Helsinki International Ballet Competition, First Place for Choreography in the National Dance Competition and First Place for Choreography in the Beijing Dance Competition.

Zhao Tiechun, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department of Folk and Ethnic Dance at the Beijing Dance Academy.

Zhao Tiechun graduated from the Jilin Arts Academy Department of Dance and afterwards worked as a performer in the Jilin Province Song and Dance Theater. He then went on to the Beijing Dance Academy and graduated with a degree in Chinese Ethnic Dance education.

He is currently Chair of the Department of Folk and Ethnic Dance at the Beijing Dance Academy, Assistant Professor, and Graduate Student Advisor.

He has published two books: Discussion on Chinese Folk Dance Curriculum Design (1991), and Chinese Folk Dance: A Great Wall Awaiting Repairs from the Masses (1997) and has been published in Dance Art Magazine, The Journal of the Beijing Dance Academy, Dance Magazine and Dance News among others. He is also a member of a number of editing committees for dance publications in China.

Zhao Tiechun has been choreographing since 1994, and his work has won awards in the National Dance Competition, Lotus Cup, and Peach and Plum Cup in several occasions.