I miss you… Someone out there answer back.

On the jet plane, somewhere where China becomes the mountains of the sea below me. My last morning I had to decide between taking ballet and one more classical Chinese dance class, so I went to the classical class and felt so charged with the lines of energy, the signs that drift in and out of arm movements, the curves and thrusts of feet, and as usual I always find the male movement my favorite.
I miss you.
This is a kind of love letter.
Someone out there answer back. I overheard Chris remark on Sunday that this weekend and the whole Danscross project was really one of the highlights of his life. I had said that to Min too. I do believe in alchemy, how innovation really arises out of daring and now knowing how something will work.

But I want to know how you all are? What pictures come up? What last gestures strike you in your memory planes? What disturbed you? What made you take a pause and reflect differently?
I miss you.

Can someone tell me about the last half hour speeches by the two women dance leaders? I was so struck by their vehemence and power to silence us all. But I did not understand their context? The meaning of their need and drive and desires… can anyone comment?

Paul’s mediator and intermediary were striking like having demons undo all those nasty binaries that are too easily made to frame any dialogue. Let us interrupt each other more, let us be less polite, like innovative choreography: don’t simplify into tensions “between.” Resist the polarized. But what does making it complex do? Take it further, Paul.

The limitations and rules theme panel: Please post those wonderful powerpoints!!!! English and Chinese please.

I did love how the simultaneous interpreter made us “he’s” and ”she’s” randomly. Lovely gender switching.
I miss you.

I miss you. k

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  • john

    I’m back home, in Hong Kong, wearing shorts again …

    I’ve been thrown into rehearsals for another work of mine that opens next weekend, so completely different from “watermark” – counts & music, arabesques & jete’s – for the dancers still a sense of freedom & choice, yet within very strict guide lines …

    I wanted to write & say thank you to you all on Monday morning when I arrived back home … but unpacking & carefully placing new teacups & table clothes got in the way …

    There is much I want to say & respond to … & I will, but later …
    (Madam’s passionate words – during which I was afraid to leave, although my departure time was getting closer & closer … thoughts about “emotion” & “abstraction” … Western choreographers have feelings too, don’t they? … do they?? … they just show it in different ways … )

    The most inspiring thing for me, as well as seeing choreographers works, was meeting people & sharing their thoughts … learning new things, hearing different stories …

    I was deeply touched by many things, words & gestures & will treasure them forever …
    & the thing that touches me most is knowing that I have given something to somebody … one small departing gift from a dancer let me know that I had made an impression … I think we all have & the legacy of DANSCROSS is that we have all opened doors …

    As I left the BDA campus (running) I had tears in my eyes – of sadness & of the deepest joy ..

    my love to you all

  • Gloria McLean

    Katherine – thanks for clueing me in on this conference/workshop/festival. Appreciate the dialogue you start re: abstraction vs feeling – like there is a period of the “modern” that produced that “abstraction” level that did not take place in the same way everywhere in the world. I am here teaching in Korea looking at the gaps that appear when one leaves the cultural familiar and sits for a while in a more strange place. Because we are always somewhat blind to our own cultural cliches. This all sounds really cool let’s keep going – gloria

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