BIG questions

Wild show.
Nov. 6
Big questions I want to ask during the next two discussion and forum times:

After viewing and viewing and viewing the Chinese and the UK, Hong Kong, and Other choreographic works in performance:

What is the deep sweeping emotionalism in the Chinese works? What does it do? How does it work? What does it produce?
What is the abstraction of emotion through forms and stylization in the Other works? How does this process work? What does it do to ”meaning”?
Can we talk about the power and politics of emotions?
Can we talk about the power of abstraction?

How is dance “used” in these works?
How is dance “employed” in our different culture/nations?

How do you choose and shape the dance with your music, objects, lights, set?
How are we speaking and making meaning through every element of these dances in performance?

I feel that everyone needs to do homework on each other’s histories. Both of the individual and their “culture” and ”nation.” We do not create separated from our local space. We do not create separately from our given circumstances of daily life.

There is so much I do not understand.
Danscross crosses.

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