The day before. Emilyn

Getting There.

So – I enter a liminal space that begins at the airport, when everything I am doing ceases to be and everything I am about to do has not begun. The moment of traveling. The moment of being in between places that is simultaneously a moment of here and now. There is nowhere else to be although I am in no place.

I am upgraded to business class – yea! Upgraded liminality – sublime!

Jet lag, reeling, floating. Take a map from the hotel foyer, begin wandering. For a while, maybe an hour, I relish being lost, in the moment, not knowing where I am going, not knowing where I want to go. Concrete blocks of buildings, functional, living and business spaces. Down town, highways, cross at your peril, even though there is a ‘green man’ traffic comes from all directions. Better to cross by the footbridges. No, I want to cross the road. I will mingle with this Chinese family and weave with them, they seem quite confident to meander through the multiple flows of traffic. Watermelons and peaches sold off the back of a donkey and cart, bicycles on by-lanes next to the motorways. I walk in straight lines down straight streets, a straight lost. Then I have to find a mark, yes, in order to acclimatize, re-orientate myself I search out the Beijing Dance Academy, (was I looking for that along, did I already have a focus? Was I really lost?) I stand outside looking up at a functional building, dedicated to dance. I breathe the dancer’s breath and gather my linearity. An institution for dance, a factory for constructing dancers. For me right now, a familiar home, from where the map suddenly makes sense. Ah, I was holding it upside down, no wonder I got lost.

Small restaurant, I sit outside, under the trees, hot grey sultry evening. Rice, veg and some kind of steamed meat — pork? Chop sticks practice. I think about tomorrow.  Dialogue with Kerry, she is here with her son. Go with the flow and a pretty fast flow it is. Perhaps approach the writing from four initial angles: Kerry’s communication with dancers and translator; description of developing process; description of what I see and the questions that emerge. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

I come prepared, with Proust, Cixous, Goat Islands’ Small Acts of Repair and a Thesaurus.

2 comments to The day before. Emilyn

  • Hi Emilyn

    An upgrade! I dream about those.

    This place of (jet)lag I understand very well… it seems to cultivate a wonderfully memorable ‘alternate’. Occasionally it reminds me of being deep within an improvisation. I am on the outside looking in at myself, beside myself whilst being deeply embodied.

    It’s also great to read your notes on Kerry’s rehearsal … detailed, clear. I feel a brief understanding of being in that space with those dancers. Reading/seeing their doubts, their training, their confusion, their understanding. Perhaps the video is not necessary?

    Am in the studio with Colin Poole at the moment:

    You’ll see we’ve brought Matthew Goulish into the space as well (but not Proust).



  • e.claid

    HI Simon, yours is the first comment I have received. thanks and good to hear from you! Hope to try and put something up every day, although might not be as extensive as time goes on. Still working on day 2. give my regards to Colin. Emilyn

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