Xu Rui’s Words

Shobana and Zhang Yunfeng have
completed rehearsals and have left
the studio, Zhao Ming and John then
enter the studio and start new
rehearsals with the dancers. Paul,
Janet, Mu Yu and Zhang Ping have
completed the observing and
thinking, and left the studio; Anita,
Liu Chun, Jin Hao then enter the
studio and begin to look into the
rehearsal process. It is like a
kind of interesting relay race.
The difference is that people are
handing on the passion of creation
and the sparkle of new thoughts instead of a
baton. There is no result called win or
lose, everyone will meet at the end
point and share the experience of
a journey.
After the first phase and half of
the second, the choreographers,
scholars and dancers are already
gathering some unique experiences.
During this period, I was coming in
and out  of studios accumulating a random sample
of feelings and impressions.
However, one consistent aspect was the deep feeling of the
meaning of “crossing boundaries” that initiated
DANSCROSS. There are at least three
main aspects: creative process
(practice) and academic studies
(theory); different professional/aesthetic
areas of choreography, research,
performance and design; different
cultural backgrounds and perspectives.
All this is being woven into and through these days
and weeks.
So, see you at the end point.

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