Video clips

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> Shobana Jeyasingh video clip > Zhang Yunfeng video clip [...]

Day #5

Ok… it may appear that I have been hiding… but I have been here in Beijing for almost 5 days now swimming in thoughts & actions… I am in my hotel room (gorgeous room that it is) I have a can of (luke warm) Tsing Tao beer & music playing & the sun is setting [...]

One week after… Sounds

Now, back in London, I have had some time to think about the experience of being in Beijing, working with Shobana and the dancers in the studio. What was my position in the project? As Paul Rae suggested to me in one of our inspiring conversations, I could say I was a kind of translator [...]

Day #7

Where else on earth can one sit, have a delicious Chinese lunch, an iced-coffee complete with a mountain of whipped cream, write on the ResCen blog & have a cigarette ???

My last day of my first week – I return to Hong Kong this evening. It will be good to have a distance of [...]

Massage – part of the process…

Xu Rui’s Words

Shobana and Zhang Yunfeng have completed rehearsals and have left the studio, Zhao Ming and John then enter the studio and start new rehearsals with the dancers. Paul, Janet, Mu Yu and Zhang Ping have completed the observing and thinking, and left the studio; Anita, Liu Chun, Jin Hao then enter the studio and [...]

Things Contextual and Cultural

Things contextual and cultural

Where to start from … and I have tried to start three times and changed my mind each time! I finally decide to start with a question about the context in which John (Utans) and I find ourselves in this project. We both work at the HKAPA (Hong Kong Academy for [...]


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