Day #5

Ok… it may appear that I have been hiding… but I have been here in Beijing for almost 5 days now swimming in thoughts & actions… I am in my hotel room (gorgeous room that it is) I have a can of (luke warm) Tsing Tao beer & music playing & the sun is setting over the National Library on a Monday night.

The first & perhaps the most important thing I want to say is that how amazing & beautiful the dancers are… & I have worked with lots of amazing & beautiful dancers from all over the world. Here I find a generosity & openness that I have not experienced for quite some time. I am surprised at how the dancers have responded so quickly & articulately to the movement sequences & directions I have given them. Stylistically there is a move away from my “habitual”, “idiosyncratic” movement language – which is a linier / angular / yet a “round – flowing” one, to a very organic / grounded / smooth round flowing one …

I often ponder about the time as to when the choreographer hands over the work to the dancers… How does the choreographer maintain his/her signature / thumb print on a work? Is it necessary? Who does the work belong to? Do I want to see 6 John Utans’s dancing on stage? Or do I want to see Liu Xiao, Chen Chen, Ya Bin, Sheng Feng, Wei Feng & Yuan Jia?

I think I want to see Liu Xiao, Chen Chen, Ya Bin, Sheng Feng, Wei Feng & Yuan Jia… far more interesting & beautiful then looking at JU…

I might order some ice & open another beer…

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