The DANSCROSS 2009 Blog which follows is now presented chronologically as an archived blog narrative.

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  • Paul

    Checking in.

    Hello there! I’m checking in to the blog as a kind of substitute for checking in to my flight. That’s been delayed because of the H5N1 virus; the Chinese Embassy is taking longer than usual to process visa applications, so instead of flying tomorrow (Sun 10 May), I will fly on Tuesday.

    In one regard, this is trivia. But, given the context of the ‘Dance in a Shaking World’ project, I can’t help but also see it as being apt. The circulation of bodies and ideas; contagion; the ‘species barrier’; geopolitics. All these are in play, and provide an instructive and salutary introduction to the project, before I’ve even left home.

  • Bingxi Wang

    Shocks and shakes are in chains. The chain of swine flu can also make up of the context of the ‘Dancing in a shaking world’ project. Our world is in flux and the thing that never changes is the change. Best wishes to Paul and our project.

  • Paul

    Correction: I of course meant H1N1 – I got my birds and pigs mixed up.

  • Paul, feeling better now? Hi, best wishes to you!

    Frankly speaking, I have been wondering what kind of role I can play in the DANSCROSS project during the past few days. So far, I am not quite sure. Perhaps there are many many aspects in the whole process.

    Are the two choreographers representative for a case study? How can I (or the result) exceed the case study?

    The work of the two choreographers is completely different. I’m interested in the relationship between the two choreographers and the two groups of dancers. Also the influence and impact of the two choreographers’ backgrounds on their choreography as a whole, and their sense of social responsibility.

    In addition, how to gain the cooperation of scholars from abroad.

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