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Posted by Avatâra Ayuso at 06:58 on Friday 12 November 2010

Travel day to Mumbai
The plane was late. It took us ages to get to Mumbai a city of contrasts.
But fortunately, we could relax as soon as we got to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. We have been very lucky in having had the Taj Hotels and Tata as sponsors of this tour it has allowed us to to rest and have a very comfortable stay, our bodies are very very grateful to Taj!

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Posted by Avatâra Ayuso at 07:09 on Saturday 13 November 2010

Day off in Mumbai
The dancers have spent the whole day shopping, using the hotel facilities and getting ready for the performance tomorrow. Sanjivan, the executive director, and Jyoti, the producer of this tour, have spent the day preparing everything for the show. Shobana is busy with news interviews for the Media.

Here in Mumhai we have a challenge: this seems to be the most difficult venue in terms of technical fit. But I'm sure Rachel Ship, our technical manager, will make it possible!

Rachel Shipp and tec
Rachel Shipp and tec

Fred De fay our sound engineer with beatboxer Roxor
(Sound test) Fred De fay our sound engineer with beatboxer Roxor


It is incredible how the show has been technically adapted to the Indian venues. Each theater in India has been an adventure and new solutions have been found in order to make it look close to its original format.

Posted by Avatâra Ayuso on Sunday 14 November 2010

Performance in Mumbai at The Tata Auditorium

TATA auditorium
dancers at TATA auditorium

Again the venue was full and the audience received us with enthusiasm. Some students from the Terence Lewis Dance Academy of Mumbai waited 40min after the show to congratulate us! I think in Europe we don't have that patience anymore to wait that long...!

Terence Lewis dancers plus
Terence Lewis dancers plus

Considering that the audiences have responded so well to our shows both in India and in Europe, I wonder if it is possible to measure in which way the responses were different. I guess one way of doing it is to see the intensity (very good everywhere), but also to notice in which moments during the show they were clapping. Here in India, we were applauded in the middle of the performance several times, something that doesn't happen very often in Europe. One of the most surprising moments was when they clapped after what we call the "snake section", at the end of the first part of Bruise Blood. It is a section which is full of very fast and intense movement, and which has driven us crazy in rehearsals! Here in Mumbai it drew warm applause for the very first time a feeling of enormous achievement and gratitude filled our bodies.

There is much more that can be said about our experiences with Indian audiences during this tour, for sure, but the most important thing for me, is that they are willing to see and experience more of our contemporary dance, to enrich their practice with the professionalism and intensity of this type of work. Shobana has to be very proud of what she has achieved. They want her to come back and share her choreographic approach with them. This is the beginning of a new beautiful story for
Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company. ( PIC 32)

Faultline boys
Faultline boys