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Symposium March 2013
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Credits & Thanks
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Ghislaine Boddington    
Credits & Thanks

Site development and design of CellBytes 2001 site – Coralie Hyde
Supported by Andrew Lang, ResCen site design and management

Corpos Online Site Design – Manuel Granja Monteiro
CellBytes01 Site Design – Gene Cooper Four Chambers Studio

Photo credits:

  • Ghislaine Boddington
  • John Chapman
  • Chris Keenan
  • Vipul Sanjoi

Video Filming/Edits:

  • Armand Terruli
  • Roswitha Chesher
  • Shan Pui Ng
  • Lara Houston

Thanks so much to the people below who have worked hard on this site with me to gather all the information, to edit the movies, writing and checking text and testing the pages. This project has drawn together in one place memories of all the projects.

  • Professor Christopher Bannerman – ResCen, Middlesex University 
  • Leanne Bird – Future Physical/bodydataspace
  • Armand Terruli – bodydataspace
  • Claire Elliott – Future Physical
  • Debbi Lander – shinkansen/Future Physical
  • Chrissie Georgiou – bodydataspace
  • Joseph Hyde
  • Yuzo Ishiyama
  • Kunihiko Matsuo
  • Athina Vahla
  • Kali Dass
  • Vena Rampal
  • Niki Pollard
  • Lara Houston
  • Paul Mumford
  • Estelle Neveux – shinkansen/Future Physical
  • Shan Pui Ng – Future Physical
  • and for inspiration Andrew Ward – shinkansen/ Future Physical RIP

Thanks in particular to the perfomance, video and sound artists and creative technical crews from all over the world who have inter-authored this work across the years. Also to my ResCen Co-Associates for great help in articulating my processes.

Also I would like to mention a few key people whose belief and support of this work has enabled it to move forward and onwards, to Christopher Bannerman and Val Bourne for never ending belief tempered with very good questionning; to Thecla Schriphorst, Hellen Sky and Yacov Sharir for generous mentoring on performative telematics; to Gil Mendo, Ezequiel Santos, Francisco Camacho, Gaby Naumann, Mira Kaushik and Cosmin Manolescu for enabling experimentation with interauthorship and great debates; to James Stevens and dekspace, Sara Platt and Groovy Gecko for advice and support on web streaming; Kath Wood, Andrew Chetty and Lee Curran for being there to answer any questions and queries.

Also to Armand, Kitt, Corinne, Tony, Tate, Louka and Quinn for constantly being there for me.

Ghislaine Boddington May 2006

ghislaine boddington
ghislaine boddington

I think I’ve got a bit of a passion, a quest, to show lots of people that they can feel better, from dropping the ‘I’, and that it’s quite a relief, like a big weight off your shoulders, and in fact you end up feeling better by dropping the ‘I’. You are working more for the whole, you reach something more open and you naturally get more back because you’re giving out more.
–Ghislaine Boddington
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