DU project details

Project title: Lady Magma

Artist: Oona Doherty

On Saturday 13th October 2018 Oona Doherty presented her new work Lady Magma to a group of promoters and industry professionals.
The presentation was done at Rambert, London in the context of Studio Sessions, a Dance Umbrella platform to connect UK artists with national and international promoters by sharing yet to premiere work.

Project description
The birth of a cult before your eyes.
This Dance is a ritual. Exploring the different facets of femininity, lust, love, madness and deep groove.
Five female contemporary dancers. In unison, honestly trying to stir and use female sexual energy. Their life forces pour out of their bodies and into the air around them. A visualisation of Perfume. A witch like ritual dance, training in the use of your own archetypes of desire. Learning to aim and direct your own life energy. Grooving with your own JuJu.
Re connecting dancers to being effected and opened by their beautiful bodies. Re connecting Dance Audience to physically respond. Developing kinaesthetic empathy in the theatre.

Dionysius 69, 1970’s fashion and media representations of women, Kundalini, voodoo, max roach, Fella Kuti, Funkadelic, the acid test, the summer of love, the decent of disembodiment. A History of collective joy, the age of individualism – Foucault – Oh my God yes – sexual awakening.

Lady Magma 2 Luca Truffarelli

Creative team/dancers
Dancers — Janie Doherty, Aoife MacAtamney, Justine Cooper, Louise Tanoto, Tilly Webber
Actor — Olwen Fuerre
Composer — David Holmes
Set /Light design — Ciran Bagnall
Director/Choreographer/Essay writer — Oona Doherty
Essay collaborator — Aoife Mc Grath

Creatives notes
Three Essays ‘The Chronicals of Magma’ will be released after the premiere in April in collaboration with Aoife McGrath.
Essay creation schedule:
Essay One research April 2018 – December 2018
Essay Two Process January 2019 – March 2019
Essay Three Product May 2019 – September
Essay public release
September 2019 – Ahead of October Belfast Show

Notes on sound, lighting, costume
Lady Magma research film
Sound — Max Roach & Abbey Linclon triptych prayer/Protest/Peace Candid Records 1960
Show music created by David Holmes
Show costume designed by Oona Doherty

Supporters, funders, collaborators
Prime Cut productions, La Briquetterie Paris

3–4 April 2019 at Atelier Paris
9 May 2019 Espaces Pluriels Pau