Oona Doherty

Oona Doherty is a Dance Artist based in Northern Ireland. She studied at The London School Of Contemporary Dance, University of Ulster and LABAN London. BA Honours and Post Graduate in Contemporary Dance Studies. She has been performing Dance Theatre internationally since 2010 with companies such as: TRASH (NL), Abbattoir Ferme (BE), Veronika Riz (IT), Emma Martin /United Fall (IE).

2016 The MAC Theatre Belfast HATCH Artist
2016/18 A prime Cut Productions REVEAL Artist
2017/18 Maison La Dans Associate Artist Lyon
2017/19 Lu Briquetterie Associate Artist Paris

Winner of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Major Individual Artist award, the most prestigious individual award bestowed by the agency.

Her piece Hope Hunt and the Ascension Into Lazarus has had the following recognitions: Dublin Tigre Fringe Best Performance Award 2016; Edinburgh Fringe Total Theatre Award 2017; The Place Dance Award Edinburgh Fringe 2017; and (RE) Conisaunce Choreographic Grenoble 1st Prize Jury, 1st Prize Audience Vote.

Re-Search: Lady Magma is a celebration of Dionysius, creeping out of a 70’s style pattern. The dancers throb. The birth of a cult before your eyes. This Dance is a ritual. Exploring the different facets of femininity, lust, love, madness and deep groove. The fact that dance is used to attract a mate in all of the animal kingdoms. Means it’s innately sexy. And that sexy is innately powerful. We will be grooving and shaking around this.


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